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How we process  

Our recruitment process begins with Ally HRS Executive holding an initial meeting with our customer's decision-making representative.
At this initial meeting our customer will meet the recruitment team that will be responsible for carrying out the recruitment process.
This team will then be responsible for establishing the following:

That the customer's requirement is fully understood.
That the business reason for the customer recruiting and the impact that the recruitment process will have on the customer is fully realized.
That the demand of the customer is matched to the supply of management staff available in India.
That the customer's time lines are realistic and that a firm completion date is agreed.
That the recruitment methods are explained and rationalized.
That the customer's interview and decision making process is clearly understood and is practical in allowing a decision to be made.
That the right test methods and reference checks are selected and agreed.


Following this initial meeting, Ally HRS Executive would employ up to six recruitment methods which would comprise of:
Newspaper advertising
Searching in dealer network
Researching or headhunting from targeted companies / candidates.
Searching an internal database.
Networking or candidate referrals.

Using Ally HRS Executive website and other job boards.
In-depth initial interviews will be conducted by the Ally HRS Executive team that met with the Clients to maximize the effectiveness of the search.

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